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One Month of Group Healing Sessions


Over the past several months of participating in these Group Sessions and Sound Healings, I find myself calmer, more at peace, and vibrating at a higher frequency that manifests in layman's terms as 'kinder, more automatically loving and in seeing the world as a Loving Place...starting within. The sessions themselves are dynamic, powerful, yet never invade anyone's privacy or sense of belonging. This Group is Truly Healing the World, as together we Advocate for Society, Humanity and the Universal Consciousness. This has taken what I previously knew as 'affirmations' to the next level... with the Taps, the repetitions, and Jen's awesome connection with Spirit and the Intuitive Energetic Sound Healing and Releasing... A major breakthrough in getting rid of old programming! Delightful... <3
Date Added: 07/07/2015 by Elizabeth Henderson
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